Products for Prep!

Can you believe it is August!?!?!

This time has FLOWN by!  There were so many things I wanted to do this summer (and, let me tell you, I’ve been busy) but I’m just not done!

Luckily, I officially have two weeks until I HAVE to report back.  If I choose to go earlier……

ANYWAY,  I’m participating in Aileen Miracle’s Products for Prep Linky Party.  The idea is for teachers to share what products or ideas get them going to start a successful year.

products for prep

Before I get to that though, I wanted to share that TOMORROW starts the Back to School Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers!  My entire store will be 20% off and, with the code BTS14, you can up that percentage off another 8% off your total purchase site-wide.  I already have my cart packed and ready to check out come Monday morning. (I’m never this excited about a Monday!)Teachers Pay Teachers


Alright, back to prepping for a new year!


1. Year-At-A Glance Lesson Plan Template for Music Teachers



I created this format a couple years ago because the logical big-picture part of my brain needed to “see” the entire the year and how the pieces moved and worked together to create the cohesive whole of the year.  This is just a template so it is completely editable to suit teachers’ needs.  Just this summer, I added a line under warm-up for vocal warm-up.  I also started hyperlinking specific files for lessons and activities into the spreadsheet so I could open them with just a click rather than searching through wherever I saved it.  (That part is still a work in progress though).

For more on my lesson planning on this document, click HERE.


2. Music Connections Bulletin Board Kit

Classroom Tour: music connections


I know.  I’ve blogged about this so many times, my long-time readers are probably getting sick of it.  I just believe it is SO important for our students, parents, coworkers and administrators to realize the connections between music and other subjects.  I won’t even start on the “Music is an important subject in it’s own right” speech because, obviously, I feel this way.  I’ve just spent so much time advocating for music and, I have a feeling, it’s the nature of the beast.

Anyway, this bulletin board is the first to go up every and it is right at my front door.  Anyone who walk in is bombarded with information and, hopefully, they’ll get at least a snippet to take with them.

For more information and specifics about each subject matter poster, click HERE.


3. Keys to Musical Success

Keys to Musical Success


This another one I’ve blogged about several times but it’s one that starts the year off right.  Each class has their own keyboard and the behaviors listed above are assessed each class period.  When students have earned all thirty keys on the keyboard, they earn a “celebration” which could be anything from choosing their seat to playing a game.  For more info on this specific product, click HERE.

4. Listening Clip-Art by EduClips

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 6.53.49 PM

I love clip-art…..seriously, clip-art and digital scrapbooking supplies have become my new love.  I especially love this set by Educlips.  I plan to use it with my kinders and Pre-K students to discuss active listening and behavior expectations.  Even just the individual images on a slide or printed are a huge resource (though I intend to do more than that with it).

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed Products for Prep and I hope to see you at Aileen’s Miracle’s page for more awesome ideas to start the school year off right.


Thanks for reading!

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