MATCH 2015- Call for Proposals

Who loves TMEA Convention?

The Texas Music Educators’ Association Convention is one of my favorite times of year.  I don’t know if it is the atmosphere of awesomeness or just being with people who are a lot like me.

Well, Texas Friends, you don’t have to wait until February because the Houston area TMEA region chairs are putting together a very special event this Fall!Match 2015

MATCH: Music and Technology Conference of Houston will be on Saturday, October 10th and I am totally excited for it.  Now, that may seem like a little while away, but, I’m posting this now in case any of you have any fantastic ideas for proposals for this event.

To submit a proposal, CLICK HERE!

Now, for those of you who are on the fence, I’m going to impart some presentation wisdom.

1. Clinic Title

You want to come with a catchy title or at the very least an interesting one.  You want to be clear and concise but also put a bit of personality into it.  You can’t just say “Singing Fingers” because (a) no one will know what the what you’re talking about and (b) it’s just blah.  Instead you could write “Keep your students singing with Singing Fingers.”  I put the point, the tech (the Singing Fingers app) and how it will be effective in a classroom.  NOTE: I’m not planning to propose a session on Singing Fingers.  It was just the first app that came to mind.

2. Clinic Details

Here’s where you want to flesh out your proposal.  If you’re old school, you might make a map of your thoughts or whatever graphic organizer you remember using as a student.  If you’re even older school, it might be easier for you to plan your proposal like an essay from high school.  You know, introduction, bullet points with backing information and a conclusion.  Of course, you don’t want to put your whole song and dance here but you do want to give the selection committee as complete an overview as possible.

3. Clinician Bio

Some people have trouble talking about themselves.  I have no such trouble.  Here is where you want to talk yourself up.  Of course, keep it brief.  You don’t want to brag (note: I sometimes have this problem) but you want to show that you know what you’re talking about and people are going to want to hear from you.

4. Published Description

Okay, this is where you got to take the Clinic Details from above and make them into something you’d want to see. It has to be clear and concise but, also, engaging.

DO NOT WRITE: This session will be about Singing Fingers.  Singing Fingers is a cool app that kids enjoy using.

Instead: Zaption is an online tool and app that allows teachers to customize online videos to create interactive lessons that can be shared with students for individual learning or shown for the whole class to facilitate discussion and deeper understanding. In this session, teachers will see the the features of Zaption in action and learn how to create their own customized video lesson.

Alright, do you feel ready to write your own proposal?  The deadline in JULY 1ST! I look forward to seeing your awesome presentations!

To submit a proposal, CLICK HERE!

Thanks for reading!

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