Curriculum Mapping: Cohesive Planning for Effective Instruction; Part 1: Curriculum Evolution

Curriculum Mapping Presentation.001

Back in February, I presented on this topic at the Texas Music Educator’s Association annual convention.  I’m posting an overview of the presentation here for my faithful readers. 🙂

But first………

Curriculum Mapping Presentation.002

I am no master musician, music teacher, curriculum builder, or anything but I do love to learn and improve.  This presentation is the culmination of trial & error, continuous improvement, and the minds of others instead of just myself.

I started teaching in the Fall of 2006.  I knew I was supposed to teach the TEKS (the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) but, other than that, I was clueless.  Anyone else in that boat?

Curriculum Mapping Presentation.004

Luckily, there were more experienced music teachers willing and able to get me through those first years of survival.  This was the first my first “road-map” of what to teach.  We won’t got into detail about those years…….

A few years later, I was in a different district and the choir director for the high school wanted all the elementary music teachers to teach the same thing at the same time (which, as a side note, is a great thought, however, that is a whole other discussion that I won’t go into this minute).  We were giving a list of skills and vocabulary to be taught to each grade level for each of the six weeks.  It obviously was not a perfect document or set-up, ergo the inclusion in the evolution rather than the culmination.

Curriculum Mapping Presentation.005

Fast forward just a year later and I’m in another new district.  This time, it is the head of Curriculum and Instruction that wants everyone, including fine arts and PE, to create this Year at a Glance document.  This is the template that was given to me to create my own versions for each grade level.

Curriculum Mapping Presentation.006

Although this document seems to work for everyone else, it seemed lacking to me.  Vague.

Then, I met a fellow music teacher who also lived in Texas and taught in the same city as me.  We became fast friends and worked well together fleshing out ideas.  It was her idea first to spread out the concepts across weeks of the school year like a calendar.

Curriculum Mapping Presentation.007

Curriculum Mapping Presentation.008She probably would have expanded her idea even further and presented on it herself if she hadn’t tragically passed away soon after this.

Curriculum Mapping Presentation.009This is what my lesson plans looked like around this time.  My goal was to create a document that would house, not only a Year at a Glance, but my lesson plans as well.

Curriculum Mapping Presentation.010

This is what that document looked like. Below is what it looks like now.

Curriculum Mapping Presentation.011Intrigued?  Want to create your own?

Stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “Curriculum Mapping: Cohesive Planning for Effective Instruction; Part 1: Curriculum Evolution

  1. I am intrigued. One of my best friends, and I started trying to do this, this last summer (2015), working every Monday. I feel like we got a start, but even this year, I don’t feel like we really accomplished our goals. I will definitely keep my eye out.

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  5. How great to see this evolution. I love that you honored Dee Tiller’s contribution. I miss her terribly, but her contributions live on in our classrooms. Thanks for sharing!
    Dee in Ohio

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